Who We Are

Since 1982, our business has existed for one fundamental reason:

We are passionate about the important purpose, role and value
business owning families and family offices bring to our economy and society.

James C. Bly, Jr.
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Philosophy & Values

For 35 years, we have focused our business to become an expert at serving business owning families. Our objective has always been to bring a high level of personal integrity along with skilled expertise to achieve extraordinarily good results for our business-owning clients.

Most of our client-owned businesses are located in smaller cities, towns and rural areas. When they are growing and profitable, the owners tend to operate their businesses with a purpose beyond profit. They are good employers, supportive of employees' families, dedicated and important contributors to the betterment of their regional economies and the social fabric within their communities.

Since 1982, we have demonstrated our commitment to support such businesses and owners. We help them develop and implement their growth plans, secure growth capital while maintaining control, successfully transition to future generations, and obtain liquidity, when necessary, for their shareholders.

There are Three Ways We Excel for Clients:

We have extraordinarily good people

We have
good people

Not only are there few professional services firms that provide the integrated suite of services that we provide, but even fewer that have assembled as competent a group of senior professional staff members to support clients. We encourage prospective clients to check the qualifications of our team and, when doing so, it is easy to understand why we are widely recognized as industry leaders when it comes to advising business owning families and business owning family offices.

We have 12 practice attributes that are hard to find elsewhere

We have 12

Our 35 years in business, and specialized practice focus during that time, have positioned us with 12 Attributes that both differentiate our practice and provide value for our clients. Click below to find out more about our 12 Attributes.

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We maintain and use our extraordinarily good network

We maintain and use
our extraordinarily
good network

Our contacts and network are significant and global. No one in our business manages their network anymore effectively than we do for your benefit.

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Track Record

Successfully assisted over 350 clients to grow, finance, transition and monetize their private businesses.

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