Business Growth

Today's rapidly changing global business environment requires companies to devise successful value growth strategies that anticipate market trends, customer needs and competitor actions.

We can provide both the people and proprietary research tools to help a business develop a more robust strategic perspective, and implementable growth strategy.

Family Enterprise Business Services

Our services are characterized as a holistic approach to strategy focused on long-term business value growth.

Developing a growth strategy, or securing capital to fund growth initiatives is often not enough to insure success. This is due to the fact that quite often, strategic initiatives require a range of skills that go beyond the capabilities of a company’s current operational team or resources. Sometimes added skills are needed on a temporary basis. In other situations, temporary skills are needed until a company has time to recruit the necessary full-time talent. Whatever the case, HWSC provides a menu of Growth Support services to help clients with the implementation of their strategic plans.

We have a stable of experienced corporate development professionals, who are able to support the implementation initiatives that are critical to achieving successful, profitable business growth. We are also willing to link a substantial amount of our compensation on achieving productive, measurable results for clients.

Many of our clients have multiple businesses and, therefore, multiple plans and implementation requirements. For such clients, HWSC can also field a team, which can support varying growth initiatives across a group of subsidiary or portfolio companies.

Business Growth Support



Corporate Development Tools & Metrics

The fundamental tools and measurements that are used to support the development and implementation of Business Growth strategies.

Performance Analysis, Optimization & Monitoring

Analyze and evaluate the performance of a business to determine whether there might be ways to make material improvements.

Growth Strategy Development

Developing a starting point assessment of strategic opportunities and risks when thinking about corporate development planning.

Internal Growth Plans: Development, Execution & Monitoring

Assessing whether a business's revenue can be increased materially through improvements that can drive internal growth (sales).

External Growth Plans: Development, Execution & Monitoring

Assessing external growth alternatives.

Questions our clients frequently ask

Our clients frequently call upon us to help answer the following types of questions:

  • Should we develop strategic alternatives to enhance our business value growth?
  • Can we improve our capital budgeting decisions and FP&A?
  • What is the impact of economic, industry or marketplace trends or issues on our business?
  • Are there major external factors that present opportunities or threats?
  • Should we consider expansion, restructuring, acquisition or divestiture?
  • How do we assess growth alternatives with related capital needs and funding choices?
  • Should we identify opportunities to improve the capital structure to better address market and competitive conditions?
  • How can we best measure the historic performance and evaluate the future potential of our business?


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