Company Capitalization

Adequate capital availability and properly aligned capital providers are critical elements in the support of successful growth strategies.

Unlike many strategy consulting firms that do not have deep capital markets experience, HWSC has a proven track record of helping our clients assess and satisfy the capital requirements of their growing businesses.

Family Enterprise Business Services

In fact, we have delivered more than $25 billion of growth capital to our clients over the years, and from private company friendly capital sources.

We are capable of assisting clients in evaluating their capitalization alternatives, and structuring and obtaining the capital funding required for supporting numerous goals. These can include obtaining capital for internal growth, expansion of domestic or international business operations, research and development, strategic acquisitions, restructurings or buyouts, and/or the creation of liquidity for certain shareholders. HWSC's focus is driven to help reduce a company's weighted average cost of capital, while also providing capital adequacy for growth and operating requirements, as well as shareholder liquidity needs. We help our clients identify funding sources, and then evaluate and advise on capitalization alternatives to determine the optimal financing structure, costs and terms.

Our experienced professional staff has the know-how, credit quality assessment skills, business valuation knowledge, capital market contacts, resources, and tenacity needed to structure and secure the funding commitments often required to ensure the right capitalization for our clients.

HWSC has also pioneered the practice of "Families Investing In Families". For more than a decade, we have researched and developed access to a significant number of family offices, multi-client family offices, private individual investors and foundations, and certain institutional capital providers that are supportive of family-owned middle market companies.

Company Capitalization Support



Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Financial advisory support that will assist with assessing a company’s capitalization alternatives available to support internal or external growth plans, and to help measure expected costs and risks associated with various financial structures and capital expenditure allocations.

Debt Alternatives & Placement

Evaluating debt capital alternatives, and arranging and securing debt capital commitments to support business growth and/or generational transitions or shareholder liquidity, and structuring and placing debt funding commitments.

Institutional Private Equity Alternatives & Placement

Assisting businesses with understanding their institutional private equity alternatives, arranging and securing equity capital commitments, analyzing and guiding with regard to the equity capital alternatives that are available, taking into account its Credit Quality & Capacity.

Family Office Private Capital Alternatives & Placement

Assisting businesses with understanding their family office equity funding alternatives, arranging and securing equity capital commitments from family offices, analyzing and guiding equity capital alternatives, and structuring and placing family office equity funding commitments.

Acquisition Financial Services

Assistance with evaluating the financing option and arranging financing to support an acquisition.

Business Valuation & Fairness Opinions

Valuing ownership interests in a business for gifting, shareholder buyouts, pre-transaction pricing during a mezzanine or equity negotiations, or confirmation of the reasonableness of a proposed transaction.

Questions our clients frequently ask

HWSC can provide counsel and execution assistance to help clients better understand company capitalization matters such as:

  • What is our business worth?
  • How do we improve the credit quality of our business?
  • What is our optimal capital structure to minimize our cost of capital and dilution?
  • Can we access Family Office capital rather than institutional capital?
  • Who will be the best capital partners for our business?
  • Would we benefit from debt or equity placement assistance?
  • What is needed to prepare our business presentation for funding requests?
  • Can we maximize our working capital or improve our cash flow through a refinancing?
  • What changes need to be made in our capital structure to support a generational transition?


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